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ARISTORM 30K S Shape Machine

$650.00 USD
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ARISTORM 30K S Shape Machine

The ARISTORM S Shape Cavitation Machine is designed to give users the benefits of body contouring, skin tightening, and more. It utilizes an S shape for more effectively reaching multiple areas of the body. The latest technology gives users fast, efficient, and safe results.

Enjoy slimming easily at home

If you don’t want to spend too much time or money on body sculpting in beauty salons. S Shape Machine can offer you an alternative to stay in shape anytime at home.

Bring you authentic and effective results

The effect this machine provides for you is the same as what you can get from beauty salons, which has proven to be effective. With the help of Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine, your at-home body slimming would become more professional.

The advantage of cavitation cellulite removal machine

With functional handles for body & face, you can select functions separately or in combination according to your preference.

Save your time. You can conduct body massage slimming while tightening your skin.

Its synergistic effect is for both body & face. EMS+EL is perfect for your skin to absorb nutrients.

With appealing appearance and practical design, it’s easy to operate and suitable for spa use.

Precise body sculpting: No matter upper arms, abdomen, thighs or waist, you can shape any body parts you want. Ultrasonic Cavitation Machine can help you achieve your customized ideal figure.


ARISTORM 30K S Shape Machine

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